Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nagasaki Art Museum: Nagasaki City

Nagasaki Art Museum was opened in April 2005 and is located next to the Nagasaki Seaside Park which is just a 400 metre walk from the International Port Terminal.  The Museum's glass walls allow brilliant sunshine to fill the interior, creating a bright, spacious atmosphere.  The Museum's wonderful design and excellent location perfectly represent the concept of the place.

The museum strives to be popular enough to be casually used by almost all age groups, from children to elderly people, and seeks to present possibilities for the future.  Serving as a bridge between human beings and the arts, the museum will promote a wide range of efforts to encourage interaction among nations, regions and age groups, as well as between artists and museum visitors.

Upon my first (but definitely not my last) visit to the Nagasaki Art Museum the thing that most impressed me was the amount of natural light that fills the building even on cloudy overcast days.   It provides the Museum with a pleasant if not radiant feeling of openness that makes one feel comfortable immediately.  The 400 yen entrance fee is very reasonable and one can easily spend 2 to 3 hours here to satisfy their artistic impressions or even a full day to waste some time that they have to spare.  Come and check it out, you will absolutely enthralled by the art work and their coffee shop is pretty impressive too!

Check out the Nagasaki Art Museum on a map!

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Even the entrance is cutting edge

Has something for everyone

Great views from every angle

Interesting from the outside too

A great place to walk around

Interesting Statues

Ultra Moden

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