Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hasami Town: Nagasaki Prefecture

Hasami Town and their well known cafes are without a doubt the reason why so many people head to Hasami. The variety of products are amazing with everything and anything that your heart desires available, of course ceramics and porcelain are at the top of the list but table wares, cutlery, accessories, clothing and any type of knick knack possible is at your disposal.

However it is the atmosphere and retro look and feel of the shops and the area as a whole that really creates a strong community vibe that attracts people from all over Japan and the world to its area again and again.  The step back from our real life which is hectic, fast paced and stress related to images from the past and our youth where one can enjoy all there is to offer on show without having to feel guilty about it is where Hasami Town really excels.

There is something comforting about experiencing this sort of shopping style, strolling between shops, enjoying a slow paced atmosphere, not being rushed by the shop attendants and generally enjoying the whole experience is what it should be like all the time.  Its also very interesting just to people watch at this sort of establishment as you expect just to see mostly retirees and elderly customers but realistically there is a huge cross section of the community present and inspecting all things Hasami.

Once your shopping experience has come to the end or just want to take a break between shops, there are numerous cafes whereby a coffee and or cake is calling your name.  The Japanese put all their effort and gusto into everything they do and you can bet that your choice of cake is a gastronomical masterpiece. The only question is whether you can stop at just one piece of cake?

A Private Nagasaki Tour is necessary in order to get to Hasami.  Public transportation in rural Japan is too inconsistent and a group tour will leave you disappointed in not being able to see all the small and very intricate shops that are dotted all over the Town.

Here is Hasami, Nagasaki on a map:

Please click on the photos below to enlarge:

Simple but tasteful!

Simple designs

Plenty of things to buy

Many different types of porcelain

Very inviting and warm

Has good English Information as well.

Always lots of customers

Check out this video below of Hasami Town and their fabulous Cafes:

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