Monday, October 8, 2012

Shofukuji Temple: Nagasaki City

Shofukuji Temple in Nagasaki was built in 1629. The Chinese residents of Nagasaki who hailed from Fujian Province constructed this Chinese Temple.  It houses 21 cultural assets, including two national treasures - Daiohoden (Buddha Hall) & Daippo-mon (First Peak Gate).

It is a temple with a unique pedigree as it is unique for housing so many cultural assets in one temple in Western Japan.  Shofukuji Temple Nagasaki has three gated entrances known as "the three gates." The red entrance gate and other structures in the precincts are rare examples of the architecture of South China during the Ming Dynasty.  The Chinese Bon Festival is held here from July 26th to the 28th and with Chinese people coming from all over Japan to participate in the ritual for the dead, it is one of the times where Chinese visitors will outnumber the locals.

I truly enjoyed the walking experience around the Shofukuji Temple.  It's peaceful and intriguing exterior leads into a tranquil and inviting interior where one can leisurely take their time and stroll around.  It allows one to see the connection that the Chinese were able to make with the Japanese in the 17th century through their association of religion and in particular Buddhism.  A true Chinese built Temple that was actually built in China and shipped piece by piece to Japan and rebuilt at its current location .  A true find and a place that anyone from all walks of life can find appealing and appreciative of its beauty and tension to detail!

Come and check out the Shofukuji Temple in Nagasaki on a map!

Click on the pictures below to enlarge:

The entrance

Main Altar

The views

Gate entrance

Buddhist offering

Roof tiles are intricate as well

Chinese Lanterns

New Years Decorations

Chinese Buddhism in Nagasaki

Splendid views


Here is a video of the Shofukuji Temple Nagasaki:

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