Thursday, May 10, 2012

Christian Tombs: Fukae, Nagasaki Prefecture

Christian Tombs in Fukae, Nagasaki is just one of the many areas all around the Shimabara Peninsular that still today allow us to step back in time and see that this area once was a hive of Christian activity.

Once upon a time, 400 to 500 years ago when Christianity was free to spread and the chance to learn was available (many Christian learning institutions were built)  the influx or Portuguese traders and diplomats into Japan during this period of expressive freedom and religious independence created a wider Christian community within the Shimabara Peninsular and Nagasaki in general.

Of course today, although Christian are far and few between the remnants of yesteryear still remain with Tombstones dotting the landscape.  Here in Fukae, there are just such tombstones that can be freely viewed and inspected to remind us of the Christian past.

It must be noted that these Christian Tombs are not ordinary in the lest!  The massive and mighty Fugen Mountain with its newly formed Lava Top are quite obvious and feel like they are so close to touch even though in reality they are kilometers away.

Check out the Christian Tombs Fukae Nagasaki here on a map!

Click on the photos below to enlarge:

Christian Cross

R.I.P   Tombs in a row

Here is a video of the Christian Tombs Fukae, Nagasaki:

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