Thursday, June 22, 2023

Marinoa Outlet Mall: Fukuoka City

The Marinoa Outlet Mall is a regular destination for my personal travels and shopping experiences. It has a lot of shops that I frequently need to visit, for example clothes, shoes, golf accessories, food stuffs and best of all it is only located about 8kms from where I reside.

There are other larger Outlet Malls such as the ones in Tosu and Kitakyushu but from a location and convenient point of view, Marinoa covers all my needs and in all honesty it is quite a bit cheaper than the others so it's a destination that is high up on my radar.

Every now and then, when the weather is not behaving I will incorporate the Marinoa Outlet Mall into our private day tours as a stop when it is rainy heavily. Other times I have gotten requests from customers to get some shopping in at the end of the day especially when we have about an hour left of the kill. In this way, it's a win win situation for all parties concerned. I get a quick break and retail therapy is enjoyed by the clients.

Please let me know in advance whether this destination would be a suitable last stop on our day together as it's only 20 to 30 minutes away from the Fukuoka Cruise Terminal and City Hotels.

Please click here to see the Marinoa Outlet Mall on a map:

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Want something Japanese?

Lots of shops to choose from.

Tax free shopping with your passport

The Ferris Wheel is a great landmark

Please click on the videos below to see more about the Marinoa Outlet Mall:

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