Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Korokan Ruins Museum: Fukuoka City

The Korokan Building was built in the 7th Century along the Hakata Bay and was primarily used as a Guest House for Foreign Diplomats.  It was this building that was the stepping stone to promote Fukuoka as a Gateway Destination and one of the main reasons why this region of Japan has a long and rich history of cultural exchange with Kingdoms from around the ancient world.

The remains of the Korokan was dicovered in 1987 during the renovations of the local Baseball Stadium.  Not until this point in time was the history and the importance of the area fully understood.  Only once the full archeological dig had been completed did historians really understand how progressive the buildings and society really was at the time.

The Korokan allows visitors to immerse themselves both visually and thru the use of their imagination to step back in time.  My favorite part of the exhibition was the unearthed pottery from various Asian regions such as Korea and China and how these ancient connections developed Japan`s ceramic industry we see in modern times.

Fukuoka Day Tours always includes this site on our half day and full day walking/ subway tours.

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