Monday, May 2, 2016

Nagasaki Shippoku Food Course: Nagasaki City

Without a doubt the most famous type of dish and No 1 high end gourmet option in Nagasaki is called Shippoku.   

This is basically a fusion of Japanese and imported Chinese dishes to create a gastronomical and intense dining experience.  

The oldest and most influential place to have this experience is a restaurant named KAGETSU, which has hosted and dined many dignitaries, famous people and samurai`s such as the famous Ryoma Sakamoto, who is well known as being the driving force in Nagasaki to update and drive Japan to become a modern society in the 19th century.  Please click on the photos below to enlarge:

Details about the establishment

View from outside


This dining experiences involves and activates all your senses of sight, smell and taste.  It is a highly intimate affair and only used for business or very special personal occasions as a result of not only the price but also the prestige and standard of presentation that it is esteemed to be.

The Entrance

One of the Banquet Halls

Beautifully Arranged

One of the many courses

Presentation was superb

Served by ladies in Kimonos

The kimono

Spectacular at night

Beautiful Gardens are part of the experience

Amazing Interior Displays

Of course, this type of atmosphere and food course won't be for everyone.  It is highly specialized and truly of the highest order.  The courses come in one by one, the ladies fully dressed in traditional kimono's, explain the significance of each dish and even a tour of the building is on the agenda.  In all, the experience will come to about 20 000 yen (approx. US $200) which includes your choice of alcohol such as beer, wine or Japanese Sake.  In my opinion it was well worth it, as the experience will be remembered forever.

I highly recommend this for the adventurous gourmet eater and foodie lover.

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