Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Somen Noodles: Nagasaki Prefecture

Nagasaki Somen noodles are long thin white flour noodles that are predominately eaten in summer time, usually cold but always delicious.  They are a delicacy in Nagasaki and are usually served in a vessel of extremely cold water to enhance their flavor and normally this vessel will have swirling or running water to allow the noodles to flow freely and thus be eaten continously.

Without a doubt Somen Noodles are one of my favorite foods in summer time, they provide some respite from the summer heat and are definitely a refreshing and healthy eating option.

Click to enlarge these Nagasaki Somen Noodle photos below:

Special Somen Table

Our restaurant

Grilled to perfection

Ready to eat!

Our table

Click here to see how to eat Nagasaki Somen Noodles in the video below:

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