Monday, November 28, 2016

Autumn Viewing: Nagasaki Prefecture

Autumn Viewing Pleasures are one of the best things to do in November just before the change of season into winter.  I am blessed here in Nagasaki to have an abundance of places right on my back doorstep to indulge in a little bit of Autumn viewing pleasures especially since I don`t have to travel too far.

In fact, the road from my place goes straight up the mountain to Unzen on the Shimabara Peninsular and half way up a private residence has turned his home and its wide open spaces into a public viewing of all things amazing in Autumn.  Here people come from near and far to participate in some Nagasaki Autumn Viewing Pleasures and for a nominal fee of around $3 US for adults and free for kids, anyone can wander around the beautiful landscape and basically get lost in their own little world whilst taking in all the splendor that there is to offer.

Although I had missed the peak of the Autumn Leaf changing season by a few days, I was still able to see many exquisite sites and revel in the nature that was abundant and never ending.  The Japanese Momiji (Maple Leaf) is absolutely entwined in the Japanese psyche and has a strong connection cultural as well as being entrenched in their culinary habits.  It is common to see the Momiji used as food displays during the Autumn period so it is normal for the average Japanese person to feel the need to connect with the Momiji through nature as well.  Hence you are never alone during the Nagasaki Autumn Viewing Pleasures as there is always one or 20 people around you.

On this day, I was fortunate to have my family with me and my kids absolutely relished in the environment.  I plan to come back a few days earlier next year to arrive at the peak of the Momiji powers.  Come join me if you like?

Check outAutumn Viewing in Nagasaki here on a map:

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Orange colors everywhere

My children enjoyed the leaves

Picture perfect

Please click on the videos below to see more Nagasaki Autumn Viewing Pleasures:

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