Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Giant Tree Street: Nagasaki City

The Giant Tree Street in Nagasaki is one of those places where you know that the street planners and government officials have made the correct decision and allowed nature and development to work in conjunction with each other, create cohesion and the right balance between the continual struggle of how to keep nature and expansion in check and to retain the regions natural beauty!

To drive up and down the street is to step back in time and feel the real connection with nature.  At first, the feeling that this is impossible creates a wave of anxiety as the gap between the tree located in the middle of the road and the guard rail looks way too narrow to fit a large sized car through let alone a small car or a couple of motorcycles.  But slowly by slowly, ones confidence and ability to navigate the twist and turn road up and up to the top of the Giant Tree Street turns a slow and careful drive into a fun and joyful experience that you would like to do again and again!

It is without doubt one of the best drives in Nagasaki and I will look forward to driving this street again in Spring and Autumn when the tree colours and foliage are at their best.  Comes well recommended and an absolute delight for all nature lovers.

Please check out The Giant Tree Street in Nagasaki here on a map:

Please click on the photos below to enlarge:

Not much room through here!

A very busy section of road

Another taxi
Lots of activity

Nature wins out over destruction

Here is a video of the Giant Tree Street Nagasaki for your viewing enjoyment:

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