Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kazagashira Park: Nagasaki City

Kazagashira Park in Nagasaki is otherwise known as Ryoma Sakamoto's Park.  It stands on the top of a hill overlooking the magnificent Nagasaki Harbor.  With panoramic views of the city it is a excellent place to get a feel of the land and the encompassing valley below.  The park is a well known landmark and visitors from all over Japan as well as from overseas especially those that have studies Nagasaki History come to get a gander of the most famous Samurai of recent times.

Ryoma Sakamoto is heralded as being a visionary samurai for his time and during the mid 1800′s when the country was in turmoil with feudal Lord’s batting for domination one man had new ideas to transform Japan from a backwater country into an industrial force.  Ryoma Sakamoto envisioned a country unhindered by the feudal system and led a movement to overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate, which he was successful in accomplishing.  This opened up Japan to overseas influences, world trade, industrial advances, technological expertise and generally made Japan the country that it is today!

Nearly every Nagasakian knows about this park and has visited at least once.  It would be a brave man or woman to admit to never having heard of Ryoma Sakamoto and or his park that is named after his accomplishments.  If you have a spare hour or 2 and wish to take a nice scenic walk through the heart of Nagasaki City and experience the beauty of the area then this place is for you.

Come and check out Kazagashira Park Nagasaki on a map!

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Ryoma Sakamoto the famous Samurai

The legend

Views of the harbor below

Spectacular Views

Here is a video of Kazagashira Park Nagasaki and the scenic views and splendid panorama:

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