Monday, April 1, 2013

Nagasaki Night Cherry Blossoms

Nagasaki Night Cherry Blossoms is a must do for anyone who may have just the slightest interest in flowers  and or of anything nature inclined.  I can't tell you how long I wandered around for but I just took my time, took in the sights, fragrances and general beauty of the area, all in all I was entranced by the night time views.

Everything is absolutely more enhanced at night time.  The dark night sky really brings out the intense and amazing colours of the cherry blossoms.  There is something mystical about the flowers white and pinky hues that can turn a grown man weak to his knees in anticipation of the wonderful scenery to be had.

Nagasaki Night Cherry Blossom viewing is an absolute surreal and fantastic experience.  Looking at the flowers during the day is of course incredible but at night the experience is indescribable.

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Light up time

Adds a different dimension

Welcome to paradise

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Lanterns used to enhance the petals

For all to enjoy

Contrasts aplenty


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