About Us

My name is Shannon and I am the face behind Dream Tours Japan. I love to travel. I really get a sense of enjoyment taking people around Kyushu to see the sights and the views of this magnificent region of Japan.

I am your Tour Guide for the day.

About us is a very important category. It lets you know a little more about who we are and what we strive to do.

Tours are our forte. My philosophy is to provide customized flexible tours around Kyushu for smaller groups unlike the big tour operators, who are only concerned amount how many people they can get and not the quality or content of their tours. Packaged tours offer no flexibility and a regimented get off get on time requirement and there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a fellow passenger to come back to the bus on the time allocated. We allows our clients to stay as short or a long as they like at a particular venue in order to maximize their enjoyment. It is this type of tour that will leave you feeling fully satisfied at days end.

Capture a great memory at the Shimabara Castle

We cater for all types. From the experienced traveller who doesn't want to follow the beaten path and wants to see something special, to the first time visitor to Kyushu who wants to see and do as much as they can whilst in the area. Even the second time visitors are catered for, more specific and intensive places of interest can be viewed and appreciated in order to further understand and create a stronger impression of the area.

An iconic Nagasaki pose

I offer a wide variety of services ranging from half day city walking tours up to 1 week intensive tours of the entire island of Kyushu.  Our tours are always custom built according to our customers wishes and preferences and they are always private.  You get to tour this wonderful and amazing place we call Kyushu with family and friends for a memory of a lifetime.

I believe that Kyushu has something to offer everyone, from amazing festivals, churches, temples, shrines, museums, panoramic vistas, cultural icons, landmarks, deserted islands, a wide variety of Parks (both national Parks and everyday types for the natural lovers) not to mention hot springs and foot baths to soothe the savage beast and release stress like you wouldn't believe!

Please come and check out Dream Tours Japan and see for yourself. I am sure there is something here that will satisfy everyones interests. Enjoy all there is to offer!

I currently live jointly in Nagasaki and Fukuoka and plan to be here for a long time to come.

My contact details are as follows: shannon@tour-nagasaki.com

So please contact me about any questions or queries you have about Kyushu or Japan in general and I will be happy to provide you with the wealth of information that I have accumulated over many years living in Japan.

Enjoying afternoon snacks and drinks at the Obama Foot Bath in Nagasaki

Tour Vehicles:

All of the vehicles used by Dream Tours Japan have wifi.  This will allow you and your party to stay connected with family and friends even though you are half a world away. This feature is a major bonus for our cruising customers who struggle with expensive and unreliable internet access whilst cruising the open seas.

Our Tour Vehicles currently consists of the following 2 vehicles that I use exclusively:

Luxury vehicles are part of the experience:

1)  Toyota Prius Hybrid Sedan-

This tour vehicle is what I use for small tours as it seats 4 passengers but only 3 larger sized passengers comfortably. It is not a huge vehicle of any sorts but a comfortable ride and very fuel efficient as I usually average 25 kms per litre.  One of my objectives in my business and personal endeavors is to reduce my carbon footprint on this Earth and the Toyota Prius allows me to do this, quite remarkably may I add.

Check out this vehicle at the following site:

2)  Toyota Estima Hybrid Wagon-

I use this tour vehicle for my larger tours and for customers that require more room and comfort as well as for bigger luggage requirements.  It carries 7 passengers, 6 comfortably but of course 5 passengers will have more room inside as an extra space option.  It is a fabulous vehicle to drive and to be a passenger too, may I add.  It has 4WS and is a Hybrid that averages 15 kms per litre.  It has all the features and mod cons that anyone could ask for in a vehicle and I thoroughly enjoy driving this car at all times!

Check out this vehicle at the following site:

3)  When I get a request for a larger party and will upgrade to a vehicle like the Toyota Hiace.

Check out the specs here:

This vehicle can seat up to 9 people comfortably and is very easy to drive as well as to get in and out of the vehicle, which is especially important for our older clientele.  It is a true people mover but with a high degree of luxury as well.  Please contact me if you would like to use this vehicle for your party and I will be happy to provide you with a quoted price for the tour requested!

Special Request:
Every now and then I will encounter a larger group. My current limit of passengers is 9 in total but it is possible to request 2 vehicles in order to accommodate 12 or 14 or even 16 passengers. Another option is to hire a private driver of a 16 person Minibus. I will be in the passenger seat guiding and providing the necessary timing commentary.  Please provide the necessary details and I will be happy to make an itinerary with subsequent pricing on both of these options.

Dream Tours Japan was born out of the idea of giving people the feeling of being connected with the destination in every facet of the tour.  Whether it be from the on board commentary, insights into daily Japanese life, historical and important information of each attraction, cultural experiences, Japanese food and drink tastings as well as personal opinions and facts about what it is truly life to live as an expat in this weird and wonderful country we call Japan.

It is my belief that only a private tour consisting of a small numbers of members can create this important connection that will stay with us for the rest of our lives!

Samurai Photo opportunity

Ninja's too

Tour Information:  Terms and Conditions

A 25% Non-refundable deposit is due upon making a tour booking.

This deposit may be paid directly to our Paypal Account.

The remaining 75% is due in full on the day of the tour and may be paid in Japanese Yen or in foreign currency such as $US, $A and Euro.  The previous days exchange rate will determine the final price due in full, to be paid and settled at the beginning of the tour.  Of course it can be the clients discretion to pay most or all of the tour fee in advance instead of preparing cash on the day of the tour.  In this case the exchange rate on the day of making the booking will be the official rate of exchange.

Important pieces of necessary information:

1) Japanese vehicles are smaller and more compact than their western counterparts.  The number of travelers per vehicle are measured using a average persons height and weight, that is approximately 180cms ( 6 foot)  tall and 90kg (200 pounds).  Individuals who exceed these measurements must indicate their actual size and all attempts will be made by Dream Tours Japan to source an appropriate vehicle. Seatbelts must worn when our vehicles are on Highways and Bypass roads, on normal roads, legally seatbelts in the backseats are not required but from a safety point of view we ask that all passengers wear seatbelts at all times.

2) Weather conditions are unpredictable and can change at a moments notice.  We will provide weather forecasts for the day in advance and ask that you dress appropriately.  The tour itinerary may be changed at the our discretion according to the severity of the weather and the circumstances of the time.  More indoor attraction and locations will be sourced in times of inclement weather.

3) We know that many of our customers will have some sort of dietary issues. whether that be by choice or as a result of a medical issue.  Every attempt will be made to source appropriate food choices on our day together. You will be asked many days and even weeks in advance for your food requirements and food allergies so as not to have any issues on our tour date together.  It is also well known that some of our customers can't tolerate raw fish (sashimi or sushi) and or Japanese food, so as a result please let it be known that Japan has many western food options available at all times, including restaurants, supermarket and convenience stores.

4) Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate people who have major mobility issues such as wheelchairs and motorized carts.  For those with minor mobility issues, tours that have minimal walking and stair will be chosen.  In relation to babies and infants, child seats are available upon request in order to comply with the Japanese Government regulations.

Relaxing with a foot bath near the end of the day.

Tour pricing:

For all private and customized tours are fully inclusive with pricing determining the final cost. There are no hidden costs, extra charges and or fees, tips or gratuities involved what so ever, unless you feel that I have delivered on my promises and gone overboard with customer service.

Our tours includes all picks up, whether they be at hotels, airports, train stations, bus terminals and port facilities in the Kyushu area.  Pick ups at locations outside Kyushu may incur extra costs, which will be decided on a case by case basis.  Final costs include all highways and tolls, entry costs into attractions as well as refreshments and lunches already indicated as part of the tour.  In other words there is no need to exchange money for any reason unless you want to buy souvenirs or presents along the way.  In fact, we can provide money exchange on the spot if for whatever reason you need something unexpected.

Please contact me if you would like a quote on any of the tours provided and or Accommodation selected. Since the tours are private and custom based, prices will differ accordingly and in Japan, hotel costs are determined by the number of travelers not the number of room needed.

Here are some video compilations from our Nagasaki Private Tours through the years: