Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fugen Mountain Nagasaki

Fugen Mountain Nagasaki is situated right in the middle of the Shimabara Peninsular and as a result it literally has 360 degrees uninterrupted spectacular views.  The wonderful thing about this is that as i drive from location to location around the peninsular I am able to get a different view and a different angle of the Volcano.  Each respective area has amazing and shows many unique characteristics of the Mountain that just can't be replicated.  This can easily been seen from the photos supplied, each photo has been taken from another location and this in turn changes the nature and intrinsic details of Mount Fugen Nagasaki.

Click to see Fugen Mountain Nagasaki on a map:

Check out the photos below to investigate and please click to enlarge:

Forever dangerous! Forever dangerous!

Peaceful for now! Peaceful for now!

The top of the mountain The top of the mountain