Tour Info

Tour pricing for all private and customized tours are fully inclusive with pricing determining the final cost.  There are no hidden costs, extra charges and or fees, tips or gratuities involved what so ever!

Our tours includes all picks up, whether they be at hotels, airports, train stations, bus terminals and port facilities in the Nagasaki area.  Pick ups at locations outside Nagasaki may incur extra costs, which will be decided on a case by case basis.  Final costs include all highways and tolls, entry costs into attractions as well as refreshments and lunches already indicated as part of the tour.  In other words there is no need to exchange money for any reason unless you want to buy souvenirs or presents along the way.  In fact, we can provide money exchange on the spot if for whatever reason you need something unexpected.

Please contact me if you would like a quote on the 3 types of tours provided below.  Since the tours are private and custom based, prices will differ accordingly.

1)  Half day Nagasaki City Tour:  

For customers who only want to focus on the Peace Park, Atomic Bomb Museum and or city highlights.

Symbol of Peace

2)  Full day Nagasaki/ Shimabara Tour:

For customers interested in seeing more unique sites with scenic beauty unparalleled in these parts of the world.

The view of the Volcano

Here is a recent photo compilation from a recent Nagasaki/ Shimabara Full Day Tour:

3)  2 Day / 1 night Full Day Nagasaki and Shimabara Tour:

*Price will be determined on what type of accommodation will be selected.

Choices include Traditional Japanese Ryokan (Japanese Style Hotel)), Western Style Hotel and Luxury Seaside Apartments.  Also available in 3, 4 or 5 star rankings.

Please contact me for a quote regarding this type of tour and please inform me of the number of travelers as accommodation in Japan is determined on a per person basis and not a per room basis.

The sulfur Hell Ponds of Unzen

Terms and Conditions:

A 25% Non-refundable deposit is due upon making a tour booking.

This deposit may be paid by International Wire Transfer directly to Tour Nagasaki's Bank account or by Paypal if this is a more convenient option for you.

The remaining 75% is due in full on the day of the tour and may be paid in Japanese yen or in foreign currency such as $US, $A and Euro.  The previous days exchange rate will determine the final price due in full, to be paid and settled at the beginning of the tour.  Of course it can be the clients discretion to pay most or all of the tour fee in advance instead of preparing cash on the day of the tour.  In this case the exchange rate on the day of making the booking will be the official rate of exchange.

Japanese vehicles are smaller and more compact than their western counterparts.  The number of travelers per vehicle are measured using a average man`s height and weight, that is approximately 180cms tall and 90kg.  Individuals who exceed these measurements must indicate their actual size and all attempts will be made by Tour Nagasaki to source an appropriate vehicle.

Weather conditions are unpredictable and can change at a moments notice.  Tour Nagasaki will provide weather forecasts for the day in advance and ask that you dress appropriately.  The tour itinerary may be changed at the drivers discretion according to the severity of the weather and the circumstances at the time.  More indoor attraction and locations will be sourced in times of inclement weather.

NB: Sights like these photos and video`s below can be experienced in more detail with a Private Full Day Tours of Nagasaki and the Shimabara Peninsular.  It is by far the best option for those with time on their hands and the wish to see and do as much as possible in 1 day and create memories that will stay with them and their group for many years to come.

Please check it out:

Samurai Photo Opportunity

Ninja too

Natural Carp Settings

Picturesque Shimabara Castle

Destroyed Elementary School

Samurai House

Foot Bath Heaven

Spring flowers are vibrant

Choose your own food option

Traditional Japanese Food Anyone?

Japanese Gardens

Shinto Prayer

Inasayama Nightview

Samurai Time

Isahaya Spectacle Bridge

Houses damaged by the Volcano

Group Shot

1 legged Shrine Gate

Outdoor Picnic setting

Shimabara Carp Streams

Natural Japanese Scenery

Relaxing your weary feet is a must

The impressive Nagasaki Bus Stops

The sights and smells of the Unzen Hell Ponds with the sulfur and steam: