Thursday, August 23, 2018

Peace Park Statues: Nagasaki City

Of course when one thinks about the Nagasaki Peace Park Statues, the main one that comes to mind is the sculpture by Seibo Kitamura of the human being with one hand pointing to the sky whilst sitting cross legged and eyes closed shut.  Nagasaki Peace Park is synonymous with this awe inspiring statue.

Indeed this is a powerful and internationally known symbol associated with the Nagasaki Atomic Explosion but one of my favourite things to do is to walk peacefully through the Peace Park and look at the tens of sculptors and statues that have been donated by Organizations and Countries from around the world as a symbol of hope and peace for the future.

They are all special in their own way and of course one's imagination and feelings of sorrow come through with each viewing yet at the same time they give hope for the future.  In this way they cause the statues to come alive and speak to us in a private way because everyone needs hope and want to leave the earth in a better way for the future generations.

If you ever have a chance to visit Nagasaki for yourself I implore you to do the same and come to the Nagasaki Peace Park Statues.  It will be a surreal if not highly moving experience and one that you will never forget, especially the viewing of the Mother and Child Statue which really hits you at your core of compassion and empathy.  It is this symbol of sorry and regret that must be remembered so that the weak and innocent are protected no matter what and in all situations of conflict around the world.

Come and check out the Nagasaki Peace Park Statues on a map:

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Strength in Numbers

Whisked away by angels

A popular but haunting photo

Mother and child

Water is a big part of the exhibition

The date and time of that horrific day

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Fukuoka Castle Ruins Visitor Center: Fukuoka City

Another Fukuoka City Walking Tour only destination is the Visitor Center located within the confines of Maizuru Park and the Fukuoka Castle.  We combine this attraction with the Korokan location to allow our customers to understand more of the history of the area and to paint a picture with their minds about what the Castle and its surrounds looked like and was used for many centuries ago.

Inside the visitor center there are pictures, maps, photos, videos and even a scale model of what everything consisted of.  The video is subtitled with appropriate English explanations and really is a great place to start the Maizuru Park/ Fukuoka Castle component of the days tour.

For me personally, I would spend at least 30 minutes here devouring all the provided information but for our Fukuoka Walking Tour clients realistically 10 to 15 minutes is more than enough time as other attractions are still to be discovered on our special day together.

Please click here to see the location of the Fukuoka Castle Ruins Visitor Center.

Please click on the video below to watch the video provided at the above location: