Thursday, April 4, 2013

Obama Spring Festival Nagasaki

Obama Spring Festival Nagasaki is Chinese themed in nature but offers everything that you could want from a Japanese festival.  Lots of dancing, music, parades, dressing up in costumes and of course in Japan the obligatory mascot.  Unfortunately on this particular day the normal nice warmish spring weather took a turn for the worse and Jack Frost bite at all who were ill- prepared for the freezing cool winds that turned into bone chilling gusts.

I don't know how all the participants survived but in true Japanese Samurai spirit everyone dug deep and somehow forgot about their cold hands and frozen faces and concentrated on their task at hand even though their costumes were designed for a nice spring day weather wise.  In particular the older ladies really showed a lot of internal fortitude but this is typical behaviour of the Japanese psyche, all working together for the common good.

My favorite dance of the day was the Chinese Dragon Dance which was performed to a huge round of applause but it was the ladies who got the biggest support from the crowd as they performed to perfection on this less than perfect day.  Beautifully presented in their matching Yukata's (summer styled Kimono) they showed tremendous dedication and spirit to provide the public with a wonderful display of talent.

Please check out the Obama Spring Festival Nagasaki on a map:

Please click on the Obama Spring Festival Nagasaki pictures below to enlarge:

The kids become the future leaders of the festival

The whole town gets involved

Celebrating all things good

The ladies are always spectacular

People of all ages get involved

The Dragon dance was the highlight

Always lots of mascots in Japan

Check out the performances of the Obama Spring Festival Nagasaki in the video's below:

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