Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nagasaki Beautiful Sunsets

The Nagasaki Sunsets speak for themselves, just beautiful!

Fabulous views from Nagasaki

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Obama Fireworks Festival Nagasaki

The Obama Fireworks Festival Nagasaki is held every year one the first week of April.  Not only is the weather always great with Cherry blossoms wafting in the air but the temperature is always on the cool side and not cold as Spring slowly takes over from the winter monster (you can tell I don't like winter) and life seems to be easier again as one doesn't have to put layers and layers of clothing on just to walk down the street and buy something from the local supermarket or convenience store.

Obama is well known for 3 things.

1)  Sharing the same name as the current President of the USA

2)  Having some of the best natural hot springs in all of Japan

3)  Hosting the annual Fireworks Festival every April

People come from all around to partake and view some of the best fireworks that you would see anywhere.  Teams come from near and far to battle and show their wares and ultimately put on a fireworks display that will knock your socks off.  There are stalls and vendors selling anything from children's toys to goldfish and well as your usual foodstuffs like yakitori (various meats grilled to perfection) and takoyaki (octopus balls) being the norm.  There is always something for everyone at a Japanese festival and I urge you someday to visit one and see for yourself why people always rave about them.

Of course, the Obama Fireworks Festival Nagasaki is the pick of the crop.  Hope to see you here someday and I have the best seats in town.

Come and check out the Obama Fireworks Festival Nagasaki on a map!

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Right on the marina


1 hour of viewing flies by in an instant

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Obama Spring Festival Nagasaki

Obama Spring Festival Nagasaki is Chinese themed in nature but offers everything that you could want from a Japanese festival.  Lots of dancing, music, parades, dressing up in costumes and of course in Japan the obligatory mascot.  Unfortunately on this particular day the normal nice warmish spring weather took a turn for the worse and Jack Frost bite at all who were ill- prepared for the freezing cool winds that turned into bone chilling gusts.

I don't know how all the participants survived but in true Japanese Samurai spirit everyone dug deep and somehow forgot about their cold hands and frozen faces and concentrated on their task at hand even though their costumes were designed for a nice spring day weather wise.  In particular the older ladies really showed a lot of internal fortitude but this is typical behaviour of the Japanese psyche, all working together for the common good.

My favorite dance of the day was the Chinese Dragon Dance which was performed to a huge round of applause but it was the ladies who got the biggest support from the crowd as they performed to perfection on this less than perfect day.  Beautifully presented in their matching Yukata's (summer styled Kimono) they showed tremendous dedication and spirit to provide the public with a wonderful display of talent.

Please check out the Obama Spring Festival Nagasaki on a map:

Please click on the Obama Spring Festival Nagasaki pictures below to enlarge:

The kids become the future leaders of the festival

The whole town gets involved

Celebrating all things good

The ladies are always spectacular

People of all ages get involved

The Dragon dance was the highlight

Always lots of mascots in Japan

Check out the performances of the Obama Spring Festival Nagasaki in the video's below:

Monday, April 1, 2013

Nagasaki Night Cherry Blossoms

Nagasaki Night Cherry Blossoms is a must do for anyone who may have just the slightest interest in flowers  and or of anything nature inclined.  I can't tell you how long I wandered around for but I just took my time, took in the sights, fragrances and general beauty of the area, all in all I was entranced by the night time views.

Everything is absolutely more enhanced at night time.  The dark night sky really brings out the intense and amazing colours of the cherry blossoms.  There is something mystical about the flowers white and pinky hues that can turn a grown man weak to his knees in anticipation of the wonderful scenery to be had.

Nagasaki Night Cherry Blossom viewing is an absolute surreal and fantastic experience.  Looking at the flowers during the day is of course incredible but at night the experience is indescribable.

Please click on the photos to enlarge in more detail:

Light up time

For all to enjoy

Contrasts aplenty

Welcome to paradise

Lanterns used to enhance the petals

Adds a different dimension