Friday, August 24, 2012

Tonosumi Waterfall Nagasaki

Tonosumi Waterfall Nagasaki is the culmination of the Arie River and the Kiyomizu River (which has hot spring water from Unzen-Jigoku thus is very acidic) together to make the Tonosumi waterfall.  Upstream, there is hardly any underwater life as a result of this acidity from the sulfur infused water but downstream there is a hive of activity and lots of different plant/fish species as well as algae and other living organisms.

Tonosumi Waterfall Nagasaki is the most plentiful and steepest waterfall in Nagasaki Prefecture and on May 4th every year (during Golden Week) there is a festival and is full of visitors who seek to cool themselves with somen nagashi (thin white flowing noodles within a bamboo half pipe) a sight to be seen and something to be tried by all.  The bamboo half pipe is supported off the ground by supports and is sloping downhill to allow gravity to make the flowing water carry the noodles to the hundreds of hungry people waiting along the bamboo half pipe.  With chopsticks and a small bowl at their disposal, it is a sight for sore eyes to see everyone frantically grasping at the noodles.  The noodles never seem to get down to the bottom of the bamboo half pipe as the people and especially children at the top grab everything and anything that they can.

For yours truly, I use the waterfall for bathing and relaxing in summer.  The cool, if not by some standards frigid mountain water is great for cooling off and reversing the heat and humidity that some complain all summer about.  But, once in the water complaints seen to fall by the wayside!

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Absolute Heaven in summer
Excellent for relaxing and escaping the heat
The water is plentiful all year round
Clear and fresh

Check out this video of Tonosumi Waterfall Nagasaki:

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