Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urakami Cathedral Wall Nagasaki

Urakami Cathedral Wall Nagasaki is a prime Christian symbol from yesteryear that is still celebrated today.  When the government repealed its prohibition of Christianity the residents of Urakami who had regained their freedom in the 20th century started building  a church as their first and foremost project.  Due to funding difficulties construction did not get underway for another 20 years or so but eventually the project was finished and the Christians of Urakami were able to worship and pray in a context of their choice without restrictions.

The explosion of the atomic bomb on Aug 9, 1945  completely destroyed the Urakami Cathedral, the grandest church in east Asia at the time.  Only the broken church wall remained.  A portion of the southern wall was brought to Matsuyama Park (Nagasaki Peace Park) to make way for the construction of a new church building in 1958.  Today, Urakami Cathedral Wall Nagasaki can be viewed by all visitors to the Nagasaki Peace Park.  Located next to the epicentre monument, it is a moving and important cultural asset that can be enjoyed by all that come to this highly spiritual and surreal place.

This wall is an important part of Christian History in Nagasaki and should be celebrated as such. Without a doubt a huge and very significant part of the Psyche of all Nagasaki Christians and used as a sign of hope and for future peace.  I recommend all visitors come and check out the Urakami Cathedral Wall Nagasaki in conjunction with all the other amazing and heart moving landmarks within the Nagasaki Peace Park domain.

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Urakami Cathedral Wall Nagasaki Depiction of Christ and his Apostles
Urakami Cathedral Wall Nagasaki
The view from the epicenter depicted in a painting
Urakami Cathedral Wall Nagasaki
The remaining tower

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