Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tomigawa Ravine Nagasaki

Tomigawa Ravine Nagasaki is a small but gorgeous ravine is in a quiet forested area about 8 km off the main road that bisects Isahaya and Omura Cities in Nagasaki Prefecture.   Small waterfalls cascade into pools inhabited by frogs and fish and it is quite a delight to see nature they way that it was intended to be seen, that is largely untouched by over development and too many tourists.  On the day i visited there wasn't too much activity as the annual rainy season that begins in June ( lasts for approx 5 weeks) hadn't commenced yet, thus there wasn't a lot of water in the area.

The park area extends above the ravine where you can cross on a rope bridge and the lookout is just divine from the top . There are picnic shelters and restrooms as well as a A-frame bungalows with cooking facilities, toilets, bedding can be rented and you can also camp here.  Well worth a look especially after the rainy season where the water is gushing down rather than trickling and the waterfall area will be quite deep for at least a nice cool swim in the pools or at the best a couple of jumps from the rocks above.

I will absolutely be returning to Tomigawa Ravine Nagasaki again in October/ November to see the Autumn foliage in full bloom.  The amount of Maple trees in the area are beyond normal and I am sure that the leaf changing colours will be intense as well as impressive to the eye.

One word of caution though, mosquito's can be harsh and appropriate clothing is necessary especially in June and July when the rainy season is at its peak.

Come and check out Tomigawa Ravine Nagasaki on a map:

The lookout
Beautiful Maple Leaves
Top of the ravine

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