Monday, May 30, 2011

Japanese Iris Flowers Nagasaki

Japanese Iris Flowers Nagasaki are definitely one of the most beautiful flowers to see whilst in Japan.  I have always wanted to see Omura Park during the full bloom of the 300,000 Japanese (Shobu) iris flowers that have been planted there.  A flower festival is held every year from the end of May through to the middle of June to commemorate this beautiful viewing season.  Although i arrived a little ahead of full bloom it is evident to see what a wonderful and awe inspiring place this is!

Originally the flower garden was established in1589.  The Higo irises were transplanted from Kumamoto in 1961 and the Edo irises were transplanted from the Meiji Shrine in 1963.

Currently, there are approximately 171 variety of irises and the iris garden is approx 9500 sq metres in size.  Well worth a visit even if the irises aren't in full bloom!  The Park in Omura is immense in every way, lots to see and do and absolutely a nature lovers delight.  Without a doubt this one of the biggest and more beautiful parks in Nagasaki to visit.  Its strolling paths are well defined and easy to transverse and absolutely well worth its weight in gold.  In fact apart from winter it has everything you would like to see, including the famed cherry blossoms in April as well as the maple leaves in autumn, a flowering bonanza!

Have a look at Omura Park and the Japanese Iris Flowers Nagasaki on a map!

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Purple Irises

Well designed

The pond

Beautiful Gardens

Irises with Castle in the background

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